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Total Active HCPs: 1.3M+
Total Active HCPs: 1.3M+

Hidoc Dr. - A Preview

Hidoc Dr. is a one-of-a-kind doctor networking platform (DNP), where more than 1.3M+ doctors from all over the Globe come together to discuss, consult and exchange ideas. Powered by artificial intelligence, Hidoc offers evidence-based medical second opinions and case discussions for doctors within minutes. And guess what? It is all free of charge!

An online assemblage of more than a million medical case discussions, 30,000 plus medical journals, learning modules, conferences, quizzes, and calculators, Hidoc is the preferred DNP for doctors for more than 40 specializations. Whether it is about getting a second opinion, learning something new, or seeking a reference case, Hidoc is undoubtedly the #1 medical app for doctors.

Hidoc Dr. also caters extensively as a doctor advertising platform as well as a doctor marketing platform. We assist pharmaceutical companies to achieve their marketing goals effectively by providing them a gigantic stage for marketing to doctors. If you are looking for an efficient online presence for advertising to doctors, increased visibility to a vast pool of potential clients, and a great conversion rate of your advertising campaigns, you are at the right place.

As a Doctor why should you use Hidoc Dr?

More than 1.3 Million + Doctors reach
Global Presence in 2+ Countries.
40+ Specializations
30k+ Medical Journals
12 Million App and Web Sessions per Month
100k Medical Case Database



Is your Medical Representative correctly communicating your message to Medicos? If not, then you are suffering from outdated
& poor perception, advertising on Hidoc Dr. can transform Medico opinion of your brand and company. On Average the cost of
advertising on Hidoc is 9x cheaper than other Digital Platforms.

You can get in touch with the Hidoc Dr. Team at or at 7709820684 to increase your
brand recall rate by 10x. We only charge post results.


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