Digital Marketing Services For
Hospitals & Pharmaceutical Companies

We assist pharmaceutical companies with their digital marketing initiatives. You can advertise and promote your services and products effectively to doctors across India through our platform. With our broad reach, your marketing campaigns receive increased visibility, and you benefit by successfully gaining the attention of a vast pool of potential clients. With a reach of 800k doctors, you don't need to look any further than HiDoc Dr. when it comes to your pharmaceutical's digital marketing needs.

increase your brand recall rate by 10x

CME (Continuing Medical Education) Marketing

You can offer and market educational programs to more than 800k doctors across twenty-nine states and seven union territories in India.

We have established strong, trusting and long-lasting relationships with the physicians and healthcare workers who use our platform. Our well-designed technology allows you to share a variety of online CME courses and instructional videos with your target audience seamlessly.

CME Content Creation

From defining the objectives, choosing the topic, strategizing, creating the program outline, enlisting speakers and domain specialists, recording and editing the video, managing slides, adding graphics, to publishing it online on the HiDoc Dr app and website — we can assist you with your entire CME conceptualization and production endeavor

CME Marketing

You can get the most out of your CME activities with HiDoc Dr digital marketing services. We promote your CME videos and tutorials to help your brand receive maximum mileage.

You can also share your research department's findings and insights through online events that we host and market on our app and web platform.

Our wide reach and the multiple marketing channels we use enables your pharmaceutical to connect and interact with medical professionals across India.

Article Writing & Editing

We develop high-quality content that helps you achieve your marketing goals. Our team of experts can write articles for you on a wide variety of topics pertaining to the medical field.

You can use this service to build brand awareness, establish your brand as a voice of authority in the medical domain and get doctors to start conversing with your pharmaceutical company, generate leads, and achieve many other content marketing goals.

Article Marketing

We leverage the opportunity that digital marketing presents for ensuring that your articles are seen by and are accessible to a large number of targeted doctors and healthcare service providers.

To achieve maximum traction, we strategize, create online marketing campaigns and publicize your posts on our app, website and other web-based solutions such as email and SMS.

Articles Creation & Promotion

A proven way of generating buzz and building interest in your pharmaceutical brand is by creating a portfolio of relevant articles and blog posts.

Whether it is informative pieces, educational writing, research findings, perspective posts, news features or any other category of articles we can help you successfully reach your audience in the healthcare industry with our article writing and promotion services.

increase your brand recall rate by 10x

Banner Design & Development

Be it the copy or the visuals — our creative team works on various elements for creating banner ads that help you achieve your specified digital marketing objectives.

We expertly select the most suitable format for designing and developing web banner ads that help you attain the goals you have set we focus on various factors which include banner shape, colour, size, text font, brand identity, and more.

Banner Display & Promotion

We display your banner messaging at a strategic place on our app and web platform so that your targeted group of doctors can easily view and interact with it.

By using multiple channels for promoting the ad, we make sure it receives optimal visibility and mileage.

The best part is that you can measure these ads' performance and gain insights that help deliver better results each time!

increase your brand recall rate by 10x

Banner Advertising

With digital display advertising, you can target doctors and healthcare professionals based on their field of specialization, location and other relevant factors.

At HiDoc Dr, we ensure that your banner ads are optimized for mobile devices and desktops, making it possible for your viewers to engage with your communication without any hassles irrespective of the platform they access it on.

Quiz Design & Development

We create interactive quizzes that suit your short-term and long-term marketing objectives. The topic, copy, questions, layout, graphics and other such details are carefully planned to get your target group of doctors to participate in the quiz.

We develop a smooth interface and questionnaire flow to help respondents enjoy a flawless user experience.

What’s more, we can build advanced level functionality into your quiz campaign if you require it.

Quiz Display & Promotion

We market quizzes on our app and web-platform to the specified segment of doctors and healthcare workers you want to engage with.

Some of the features include the ability to add branding to the template, record responses, integrate the data collected with your CRM, and measure the campaign's performance.

We can customize and add more capabilities if your pharmaceutical’s digital quiz strategy requires it.


Whether it is a knowledge-based test or some other type of test, the quiz format is ideal for generating leads and capturing relevant information about the participants. We can assist you with all aspects of your quiz campaign from start to finish.

increase your brand recall rate by 10x

Survey Design & Development

The surveys we create at HiDoc Dr are optimized for web-based platforms so your target group of healthcare professionals can access them anytime, anywhere! Our questionnaires' framework and content are thoughtfully planned to help you procure all the information you need.

With sophisticated features and filters that allow you to develop a thorough understanding of the data you gather, your pharma business can truly reap your survey campaign's benefits!

Survey Display & Promotion

We promote surveys keeping in mind your end-goal be it market research, customer engagement, or feedback collection.

Our approach involves using multiple channels for inviting your target group of healthcare specialists to participate in the survey.

Whether it is by incentivising participation with rewards, gifts, prizes, or employing some other strategy — we recommend and implement solutions that are likely to entice physicians to respond to your web survey campaign.

increase your brand recall rate by 10x

Online Surveys

You can gain some vital information and insights regarding your target market with our end-to-end online survey solutions.

Whether you want to gauge how customers and prospects perceive your brand, assess opportunities in the market for new product development, identify areas of improvement by measuring customer satisfaction levels, our surveys help your pharma business do all of this with remarkable efficiency!

GIFs & MP4 Videos

You can bolster your digital marketing initiatives by using GIFs, animation and MP4 videos. This could be for your pharmaceutical's online advertising, website, email campaigns, newsletter or for some other web-based marketing function.

These formats help you break the monotony of text and image-based online communication. Catch the attention of your viewers and get your message across with this solution.

increase your brand recall rate by 10x
increase your brand recall rate by 10x

Microsite Design & Development

Microsites not only add value to your pharma brand but can also benefit your digital marketing campaigns in other important ways.

Whether you want to launch a new product or service, share some topic-specific information, or promote an event or a webinar. You can achieve these goals effectively by creating microsites.

We can upload the microsite as an extension of your company's main website or publish it as an independent web page depending on your requirements.

Webinar Hosting

To ensure that your attendees enjoy an uninterrupted virtual event experience across different web-based platforms, we use a combination of top-of-the-line solutions for webinar hosting, recording, registration, reminder and notification emails, screen sharing, live count tracker, website and other related functions.

We capitalize further on webinars' marketing opportunities by skilfully adding your branding to the online event and its promotional messaging

Webinar Promotion

You can boost your webinar's prospects with HiDoc Dr! Using a tailor-made marketing strategy, we inform doctors across the country about your virtual event and generate interest in it.

To trigger a positive response and get your targeted number of healthcare professionals to sign up, we utilise different channels to advertise and promote your web- event.

We broadcast your webinar details on our app and through other web-based solutions. The extensive knowledge we have of the medical industry and exclusive insights we have on our platform users fuel our webinar promotional activities.


In this digital age, webinars are one of the most popular tools that businesses use for achieving their brand management objectives in the healthcare sector.

It is easy to why it is the preferred medium for customer engagement of pharma companies worldwide, from startups to medium-sized to large scale enterprises.

At HiDoc Dr, we partner with you, so your marketing initiatives can benefit from this solution without being hindered by any logistical constraints.

increase your brand recall rate by 10x

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