Brand Recall

When you use Hidoc Dr. as a doctor advertising platform, you connect with more than 8 lakh doctors directly. Apart from the wide visibility, advertising on India’s #1 medical app for doctors, transforms your brand image as well as brand recall value… all this at a cost that is 9 times lesser than other digital platforms! This makes Hidoc Dr. the most preferred platform for advertising to doctors and marketing to doctors.

Drug Launches

Are you a medical company looking at launching a drug? Hidoc Dr. is the ideal doctor marketing platform for you to do so. With 12 million app and web sessions per month, your product is sure to not just get noticed, but to get noticed well and how! You can reach more than 8 lakh health professionals specializing in 40+ fields directly through just one DNP platform!

Host Medical Cases

We endeavor to provide comprehensive medical case studies to our doctors for free. With a data bank of more than a million case studies offering a second opinion, Hidoc Dr. is a go-to place for case discussion for doctors spanning over various specializations. If you are looking for a platform to host your medical case discussion, this is the ideal one for you.

Drug Survey

Our end-to-end online survey solutions help you to gather vital statistics and insights about your target audience. Whether you want to gauge your brand perception, assess the market for product development, or measure customer satisfaction to identify improvement areas, Hidoc Dr. helps you achieve all of these efficiently.

Content Services

The most efficient way of creating a buzz for your pharmaceutical brand is by posting relevant articles and blogs. Hidoc Dr. provides not just article writing services but also helps you promote your content effectively. Whether it is informative pieces, educational writings, research findings, perspective posts, medical case discussions, or any other content, we help you to reach your audience in the healthcare industry successfully.

Market Research

Being the #1 medical app for doctors, we provide you with the largest and diverse online database for your market research in the entire country. Catering to lakhs of healthcare professionals scattered over 29+ states and holding more than 12 million app and web sessions per month, Hidoc Dr. is the largest doctors’ networking platform in India.

Host Online CME

When you host your medical education videos on our DNP site and app, you reach more than 8 lakh healthcare professionals in one go. Our well-designed technology enables you to share a variety of educational videos and other courses with your target audience seamlessly.

Host Medical Quizzes

An important tool for generating leads, quizzes are ideal for capturing relevant information of the target base. We help you to design and develop quizzes to achieve your goals successfully. We also aid in displaying and promoting your quizzes to a wider target base so that you can get more insightful data.

Publish Medical Articles

If you are looking for an effective space to publish your medical articles or case discussions, look no further. Hidoc Dr. is the number one networking platform for doctors and healthcare professionals. Publishing your medical articles with us ensures greater visibility and recognition.

Webinar Hosting and Marketing

A webinar is the most popular medium for customer engagement for businesses, particularly for pharmaceutical companies. Whether you are a start-up, medium-sized, or large-scale enterprise, you can benefit from our marketing initiatives that help you host and market webinars without any logistical constraints. Hidoc Dr. is already a preferred and trusted doctor marketing platform in the country.

Podcast Marketing

Hidoc Dr. is the ideal platform for you to create, host or market your medical podcasts. We have a devoted team to help you with the content creation and voice-over of your podcast. Our dedicated podcast page allows you to store more than 100 files. We also provide podcast analytics such as average playtime, location-specific details, etc. that allow you to review and plan your podcast marketing strategy.

WhatsApp Marketing

Tried and tested over time, WhatsApp marketing is essential for businesses, especially pharmaceuticals. Hidoc Dr. offers an effective marketing platform where we help you create your WhatsApp content, share it with our huge network, and provide important analysis of messages sent, opened, and read per week. And what's more? You also get access to the details of all the doctors.

Dedicated Email Marketing

Engage your target audience effectively through Hidoc's Dedicated Email Marketing service. Tailored for medical professionals, it ensures precise targeting and impactful communication to boost your outreach in the healthcare sector.

Journal Advertisement

Elevate your visibility within the medical community with Hidoc's Journal Advertisement service. Reach healthcare professionals and researchers through strategically placed ads in journals, providing a platform for your brand to connect and resonate in the medical landscape.

Medical Student Marketing

Attract and engage the future healthcare leaders with Hidoc's Medical Student Marketing service. Tailored campaigns and strategic outreach ensure that your message resonates with the medical student community, fostering brand awareness and loyalty

Software Development

Empower your healthcare venture with Hidoc's Software Development Services. Our dedicated team specializes in crafting bespoke software solutions tailored to the unique needs of the medical industry, ensuring seamless operations and technological excellence.

Patient Education Video Marketing

Enhance patient understanding and engagement through Hidoc's Patient Education Video Marketing. Leverage the power of visually compelling content to communicate complex medical information effectively, fostering patient empowerment and health literacy.

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